Busy February…

funThere is a lot going on in the area for February and I would encourage you to book your travel now and enjoy the winter experiences on the Oregon Coast…

In Lincoln City from the 5th thru the 15th you can enjoy Antique Week.    (Since when does a “week” have 11 days?)  If you are looking for antiques and collectibles, there are over 100 dealers spread throughout a number of different shops in Lincoln City.  During this festival you may just find that perfect treasure that you have been looking for and you will be able to get it for a discounted price.

Also during the festival there will be 300 special “antique” floats hidden on the beach for you to find and keep if you happen to find one.  This is part of the winter festival held every year in Lincoln City called “Finder’s Keepers”.   As an added bonus on Valentine’s Day they are going to be hiding 14 pieces of art glass in the shape of hearts.

If those two weren’t enough… near the end of the month you can venture down to Newport for the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival.   Over 150 premier wines from the Pacific Northwest,  great food, and amazing artists make this a great winter festival to attend.   (This is a ticketed event.)  You can get your tickets online here.

Just around the corner…

  • Lincoln City 1/2 Marathon – March 6th
  • Festival of Illusions – Spring Break – March 20th – 25th at the Cultural Center
  • Oregon Coast Garage Sale – April 15th thru 17th
  • Lincoln City Kite Festival – June 25th and 26th
  • Siletz Bay Music Festival – June 22nd thru July 4th

Make sure you get your lodging reservations for these events early.  We still have availability at Lincoln City Beach Retreats for some of them.

Extreme Weather – Use Caution

lc storm2We have seen some very extreme weather on the Oregon Coast overLC storm3 the past few days with everything from flooding to extremely high waves.  Yesterday 12/11 it was reported to us that the beaches had been closed in Lincoln City because of the extreme waves and debris being tossed about.  At our Lincoln City Beach Retreats condos the property management has also closed our direct access to the beaches for everyone’s safety.  These are pictures taken from the property.  When the weather breaks it will be fun exploring around the driftwood (CAUTION: Driftwood is not stable and it is extremely heavy and can move at the slightest touch…  many people are injured every year by shifting driftwood… USE Caution)

Now is a great time to stay indoors and experience the sheer power of the Pacific. Both of our vacation rental condos are 3rd floor units with an absolutely unobstructed view.   Book your stay now and enjoy the fabulous show directed by mother nature from the comfort  and warmth of your oceanfront rental.

As a side note December/January are months when you can view the whale migrations.  When there isn’t a storm brewing be sure to be watching for the whales, sea birds, and other ocean life that will on occasion pass us by.   I also find it fun to watch the fishing boats and sometimes they are close enough you can break out the binoculars and see onto the decks of the boats.   Don’t forget as well that winter season is the time for Lincoln City’s Finder’s Keepers.   If you find one of the art glass float out on the beach it is yours to keep.

Finders Keepers is Coming – Oct 17, 2015 – Nov 12 Special Drop


There will be a special float drop on November 12, 2015 celebrating Veterans Day.  50 Red White and Blue floats will be placed for your beach-combing pleasure.   Let us know if you find one!!!

The annual glass float tradition continues.   This year starting on October 17th and continuing until Memorial Day (May 30, 2016) you will have the opportunity to once again Find and Keep these absolutely stunning pieces of art glass created by local glass artists.

Floats and other art glass are found ABOVE the tide line and below beach embankments along the 7 1/2 miles of public beach from Roads End, down to the Siletz bay.  They do not “bury” them but they are sometimes cleverly hidden in the grasses and in the driftwood.   Floats are also NOT placed during storms.

We’d love you to plan a family holiday to Lincoln City for some float hunting.  Perhaps you can start a new family tradition.   Lincoln City Beach Retreats offers great accommodations and we currently have many dates available for fall and early winter bookings.

Finders Keepers – Special Glass Float Drop – Spring Break

Lincoln City has finders-keepers-01been placing glass floats on the beaches since 1999. What started as an idea to welcome the millennium has turned into an annual event that runs from October until May. Each year the promotion places the same number of floats as represented by the year. 2014/2015 will have 2014 hand crafted, signed and numbered, floats placed on the 7 and 1/2 miles of Lincoln City beach from Road’s End down to Cutler City. If you happen to find one you get to keep it. (I am still hopeful that some day I will find one of these gorgeous pieces of art.)  Remember the floats are hidden/placed above the tide line and below the embankment and will not be placed in “cliff” areas.

For Spring Break – March 21-29th – There is going to be a Special Drop of Glass Floats and art pieces (including glass starfish, sand dollars and crabs). 300 pieces will be placed during this time making it a great time to do some beach combing. And of course if you don’t happen to find one there are many art galleries in the city that have floats available for purchase or you can create one of your own. [For those with a late spring break April 11-12th there will also be a drop of about 100 glass art pieces.]