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Fact or Fiction – The Truth about Vacation Rentals

FACT_OR_FICTIONI was recently reading a blog post about Vacation Rental “myths” and thought I would spend a few moments discussing some of the common (mis) understandings.

Fact or Fiction #1:   Vacation Rentals are too expensive for the average traveler.

This one is FICTION.  Did you know that in Lincoln City you can stay in vacation rentals that in many cases are less than $100 per night?   Hotel rooms of the same caliber can cost just as much and may not have the amenities that are provided by a vacation rental property.  Our units at Lincoln City Beach Retreats can rent for as little as $85 per night in the off season.

Fact or Fiction #2.  The Pictures and Claims made by owners or property managers do not always represent the full truth about the property.

This is also FICTION.  You might have a few owners or property managers that are telling the 1/2 truth to get you to rent their property and that most of what you hear on the Internet is negative press.  But as a vacation rental in a market that is full of other vacation rentals the owners don’t want to risk the negative press.   In this day an age of Internet consumers an untrue property listing is quickly called out.  As an owner I’m never offended when someone asks if the pictures of our condos are of the actual units or if they have additional clarification questions about the property.  I encourage those questions.   For the record, all of the pictures of our units on Lincoln City Beach Retreats were taken directly in or from the units or property.

Fact or Fiction #3:   Booking vacation rentals can be a quick and easy process done right from your computer.

This one is a FACT.  On Lincoln City Beach Retreats you can view all of our availability and rates and get an instant quote for the days you would like to stay with us.  With a simple click on a confirm button and entering your credit card information you have confirmed your stay and blocked the time on our calendar.   No hassle no fuss.   Most vacation rental owners also advertise their properties on the larger booking sites like VRBO, VacationHomeRentals, or TripAdvisor and in many of these instances you book directly on those sites as well.   We’re happy to take your phone calls and assist you with a booking if you need us… but it certainly is not required.

Fact or Fiction #4:   Property Owners and Managers defer maintenance and things are often broken or not working when you arrive.

I would place this one into the FICTION category as well.   This is related to Fact or Fiction #2 above.   Property owners and managers do not want to have negative feedback and reviews surfacing about the property that will impact their ability to rent the property.   As part of normal wear and tear things will get broken or need to be replaced and/or cleaned. If you happen to see something like that you should absolutely let the owner or manger know so it can be scheduled for correction.  If the issue is critical to your stay, work with the owner/manager for quick resolution.  An example from Lincoln City Beach Retreats…we had a report of a refrigerator not cooling on a holiday weekend.  We reached out to our repair team for an emergency repair on the holiday and while we waited we offered to cover the cost for coolers and ice.  The vacation rental market is competitive and if the units are not kept in a good state of repair word gets around quickly and bad reputations are hard to overcome.

Fact or Fiction #5: Vacation Rentals have a minimum stay requirement.

This one is in most cases a FACT.   Most vacation rental properties are not equipped to handle a nightly rental.  Having said that, many will as long as the guest is willing to pay the appropriate cleaning fee.  (Cleaning fees are typically charged on vacation rental properties and in most cases are a direct pass thru of the costs being charged by the cleaning services to assure you have a clean unit when you arrive.)   At Lincoln City Beach Retreats we do offer single night rentals but the common practice in the Lincoln City area seems to be a 2 or 3 night minimum.  Weekly and monthly rentals are common in some areas of the country and often are more prevalent on “luxury” rentals.

So there you have the low down on some of the common vacation rental “myths”.   If you are coming to the central Oregon coast… check out our property at Lincoln City Beach Retreats.  We would love to have you stay with us.