Finders Keepers – Special Glass Float Drop – Spring Break

Lincoln City has finders-keepers-01been placing glass floats on the beaches since 1999. What started as an idea to welcome the millennium has turned into an annual event that runs from October until May. Each year the promotion places the same number of floats as represented by the year. 2014/2015 will have 2014 hand crafted, signed and numbered, floats placed on the 7 and 1/2 miles of Lincoln City beach from Road’s End down to Cutler City. If you happen to find one you get to keep it. (I am still hopeful that some day I will find one of these gorgeous pieces of art.)  Remember the floats are hidden/placed above the tide line and below the embankment and will not be placed in “cliff” areas.

For Spring Break – March 21-29th – There is going to be a Special Drop of Glass Floats and art pieces (including glass starfish, sand dollars and crabs). 300 pieces will be placed during this time making it a great time to do some beach combing. And of course if you don’t happen to find one there are many art galleries in the city that have floats available for purchase or you can create one of your own. [For those with a late spring break April 11-12th there will also be a drop of about 100 glass art pieces.]

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