In the Interest of Safety – Tsunami Information

earthquaketsunamiHere are some things you should be aware of regarding tsunamis if you are staying in Lincoln City or one of our condos at the Sea Gypsy.   In each of the Lincoln City Beach Retreats units you will find a tsunami and information brochure that contains this information as well.

A tsunami is a large wave that is usually triggered by an earthquake.  The Pacific Tsunami Warning System has been designed to use ocean based sensors and land based warning systems to help alert those in the Pacific basin of tsunami threats.   2015 marks the 50 year anniversary of this system being in place.

There are some key things to keep in mind...

1. Earthquakes are nature’s tsunami warning signal.  If you feel a strong earthquake move from low lying areas as quickly as it is possible to safely do so.  Not all earthquakes will cause a tsunami but if you feel a strong one it is better to be safe than sorry.

2.  Lincoln City has tsunami sirens.  If you hear these sirens blaring continuously for 3 minutes you should proceed to higher ground.  In the case of the Sea Gypsy your best bet it to head North on Inlet Avenue up to 12th and then over to Hwy 1tsunamievac01.  There is an assembly area on 15th street and another at the community center up on 21st.   You can see the evacuation route map here.  Don’t take your car!  You  should also be aware that there will be tsunami evacuation symbols painted on the pavement and on sign posts.  (Lincoln City does tsunami siren testing on Wednesdays between 11am and noon.  This will be a short blast of 20-30 seconds and not the long continuous blast you will hear in the event of an actual warning.)

3. Tsunamis are often preceded by a noticeable drop in the sea level and you can often times hear what sounds like the roar or a train or a jet engine.  Don’t go down to the beach to investigate!  If you can see the wave you are likely too close to it to outrun it.  If you can’t get to higher ground find a taller concrete or block structure building and get to the 3rd floor.

4.  A tsunami is not a single wave but multiple waves.  You should make sure that the all clear has sounded before you venture back into a tsunami zone and you should never enter any buildings that have been exposed to a tsunami wave until cleared by local authorities.

While we can’t prevent earthquakes and tsunamis from happening we can reduce the impact they may have on our lives by being prepared and knowing what to do if one were to occur.