Spring Whale Watching

BreachingGrayNewportEach year nearly 18,000 gray whales do a migration from their feeding grounds up near Alaska down to the Baja area for breeding.   The migration south occurs in the mid-December thru January timeframe and the migration north is late March thru June.   The spring migration back to the feeding ground will have the whales much closer to shore (1/2 mile)  than the winter migration (up to 5 miles).  They also tend to be more leisurely on their northbound migration.  The mothers with their young are usually seen in May and June.

In the Lincoln City/Newport area there is a group of gray whales (I’ve heard 30-60 of them) that make this area home and do not continue their migration north.  As a visitor to the area this means that there is always an opportunity to catch a glimpse of a whale.

March 21st thru March 28th, 2015  is a designated Whale Watching Week up and down the Oregon Coast.  During this time you will find volunteers situated at the points listed here to answer questions and to help you understand what to look for.

If you happen to need a place to stay you can view our properties at Lincoln City Beach Retreats and use coupon code SB40 for a $40 immediate discount off of your reservation.  Sit at the windows with the binoculars and watch the whales from the comfort of your own room.

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